Do you need a customised FileMaker Pro/Go database?

The primary focus of idatabase is to build customised database solutions that will enable people to streamline the business workflow within their organisation.

Numerous benefits can eventuate from a database system that is custom-built to optimise the specialised processes in your business:

The database technology offered by FileMaker Inc. facilitates rapid database application development. However two-way communication and conversation is required to plan the database first. Possibly ironic but scribbling ideas and connections on a white-board, black-board or butchers paper is still the best way to design the database with a group of people offering input into the creation.
  • increase efficiency
  • improve effectiveness
  • boost productivity
  • accelarate completion time
  • minimise cost by automating laborious tasks
  • save money in the short term
  • save more money in the long run
  • increase profit

At idatabase, the application tools provided by FileMaker Inc. are utilised to create cross-platform database systems that are accessible using desktop computers (PC and Mac), mobile devices (iPad and Phone) and popular web browsers that run in the Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Apple iOS operating systems.

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Do you need training to learn FileMaker Pro/Go?

The secondary focus of idatabase is to help other people to learn how to use the FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker Server applications. We can design and deliver training sessions to help you learn how to build your own database system using the FileMaker Inc. technologies.

Training sessions can be deivered onsite, incorporate one-on-one individualised training or presented to a group of people. The training sessions will enable you to learn how to:

This photograph captures the teacher-Student or Trainer-Learner relationship. Our trainer (Michael Richards) does not own a shirt that is as pink or as bright as the shirt captured. However, Michael can help you learn the FileMaker Inc. database and server technologies in a one-on-one or group learning session.
  • use FileMaker Go on an iPad or iPhone
  • instantly utilise FileMaker Pro out-of-the-box features
  • configure and manage FileMaker Server
  • build an interactive mobile database to replace a paper-based form
  • build a simple flat file database to replace a spreadsheet worksheet
  • build a complex multi-user database system
  • understand the building blocks of a FileMaker Pro database eg modes, layouts, script steps and buttons
  • understand the building blocks of any complex database system eg tables, fields, records and entity-relationship joins

At idatabase, our lead trainer is a qualified teacher and a certified FileMaker Pro database developer. The training consultant has accumulated years of classroom teaching, face-to-face computer training and real-world database development experience.

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